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Jalapeno Records: Two Decades Of Funk Fire: Various Artists (Jalapeno)

Jalapeno Records: Two Decades Of Funk Fire: Various (Jalapeno Records)



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UK release date 27.11.2020

Twenty years and still going strong, this is some achievement and this unique label's durability sure knows no bounds! These eclectic gems sound fresh as a daisy and the excitement levels are off the chain!

Those jocular, Geordie roustabouts Smoove & Turrell kick off this wonderful platter with the groovetastic “Slow Down”, a perfect mission statement upheld in the name of soul and funk followed by a whole host of tasty nuggets, including The Allergies with their heavy horned hip-hop blessedness “Felony”, a killer boomtastic dancefloor drop if there ever was one!

This album is just one long rush of blood, great to see Skeewiff included too, with their incredible reinterpretation of Quincy Jones' “Soul Bossanova” they represent everything that is right and proper about British dance music and their additional track ”Triumph Stag” proves my point.

Kraak and Smaak leave a sizeable imprint too with the beat-heavy “Squeeze Me’” featuring Ben Westbeech and the sexy-sounding retro rap craziness of “Money In The Bag” - (more cowbell!) and Featurecast's “Evil Eye” keeps the party in full swing. Trust me, this is the good stuff!

Female singer-songwriters get well represented too in the shape of gospel girl Izo FitzRoy’s fab “I Want Magic” and how about the classic soul-drenched dizziness of “S.T.A.Y” by funk’s golden girl, Gizelle Smith. Or the supreme talents of Alexia Coley, with her moody 60's sounding “Drive Me Wild”, there's a whole plethora of great songs here!

Suffice to say, this is a well-rounded compilation full of 20 really great sounding quality tracks - it's a real testament to the label and shows label owner Trevor McNamee knows real class when he hears it. Here's to your next twenty years!
Words Emrys Baird

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