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The Tibbs: Another Shot Fired (Record Kicks)

The Tibbs: Another Shot Fired (Record Kicks)



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UK release date 20.11.2020

Hotshot, Milan based record company, Record Kicks unveil their new darlings in the shape of Amsterdam's finest, The Tibbs. Its pure retro vibe is infectious and has that glorious 60's reverberated production and to top that, it's been mastered in Nashville by soul veteran Bob Olhsson, who used to cut vinyl for Motown back in those halcyon days. The clarity cuts through and so does the zippy songwriting skills.

New singer, Roxanne Hartog has something about the femme fatale about her. She owns one helluva sexy voice, all breathy and cooing like a sex kitten, capable of sliding easily from a deep, soulful growl to a heart-wrenching, piercing ache as Hartog offers many hues and spine-tingling moments. It's a refreshing thing she possesses.

Standout cuts include "I'm Not A Beggar", a gorgeous slice of 6/8 blessedness that wouldn't be out of place in the TV series Killing Eve and title track "Another Shot Fired" provides some rocksteady vibes and imperious baritone sax and Hartog again, spills her heart out all over the extremely catchy chorus, giving the album another flavour attuned to the group's many charms.

The song-craft is strong and there is a distinct, incisive focus and they bristle with innate confidence. This album cuts to the chase quickly as the refined muscularity of the band shines through. Needless to say, the production is dedicated to a well-honed live feel and the tight arrangements do show how polished this act is.
Words Emrys Baird

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