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The Brecker Brothers : Live And Unreleased

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UK release date 27.03.2020

The Brecker Brothers - Live and Unreleased (Leopard)
defines one of the most iconic bands of the 1970’s, the Brecker Brothers (Michael on sax,Randy,trumpet) who epitomised the jazz funk-fusion era to a 'T'.This sterling platter was captured during their seminal tour of 1980.

It captures their raw visceral intensity and brings to the fore such a cohesive and well honed unit that features Barry Finnerty (guitar), Mark Gray (keyboards), Neil Jason (bass) and Richie Morales (drums).The fusion of yester year was way ahead of what's on offer these days and along with guys like Weather Report it showed how the genre was way warmer, greasier and downright thrilling than the sterility of what's laughingly on offer now.

There's plenty of audaciousness to savour as great musicians don’t just keep playing, they constantly evolve and this is the distilled maturation caught at this particular moment in time.A band at the height of its creative powers.The classics are all here too,plenty of classic booty shakin' spacefunk, with the brothers fruity, oblique solos given plenty of room, like in "Some Skunk Funk,” “Sponge” and “East River" being a case in point."Live And Unreleased " is a veritable tour de force and highlights how sorely missed this amazing band are.From beginning to end, the album is a raucous, joyful explosion and is essential listening from one of the best selling,loved and potent band of the 70's.Go break bread with the Brecker Brothers!
Words Emrys Baird

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