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Review : Acca

Alani 1



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UK release date 19.01.2020 has finally landed on our radar.We'd heard good things about her at B&S towers but she sadly got lost in the shuffle last time on my desk of two hundred promos.Not so for this little jewel,we've got her safely in our sights and we are not going to let baby go.This girl has more variety in her sub personality vocals than David Bowie - she drips with creation.

She's shared stages with the likes of Rufus Wainwright, French-Cuban twins Ibeyi and the Mercury Prize-winning Benjamin Clementine and her sound is refreshing in contrast to a lot popular music these days.This, her sophomore album, cuts deep and her elegiac cycle of songs could be divided into three stages the vunerable 30's ribbon mic phase,typified by 'Wales' and 'Away Go' her final swan song of the album. 2. Her accapella neo soul vibe (with beats) that include the mesmeric one chord grinder 'Differently' (and trust me she's different gear) and the Beyonce inspired 'Papa'. And finally 3) pure 50's r&b with her own thrown in unique twists and turns all glued together by her elastic harmonies. 'Sha La La' is a jaunty number in that vein too and the hysterical 'Bitch' with Iggy Pop verifies this,his cameo appearances are a real treat.

There's a ton of melody in her music and the clever stacking of her different vocal personas are breathtaking just listen to the short interlude of 'In The Land' with its corruscating swathes of blessedness.As long as songbirds sing you'll be enjoying this startling body of work.
Words Emrys Baird

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