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Barrie Sharpe : Rhythm Rhyme Revolution # 3




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UK release date 18.10.2019

Over three albums Sharpe and Tasker's lush, self-assured compositions have reigned, reaching a rare type of ownership not often heard in British soul.The culmination of this three hander is upon us.They use the breadth of the black American canon as their startpoint and Sharpe fronting all of this,swings side by side along this enriched sonic timeline. Right from the off he's imploring you to get on the freedom train with the prescient rallying cry of opener (and also the album title) Rhythm Rhyme Revolution #3.The journey begins and takes the listener swiftly off into the mystic.

Spacious bass driven grooves and moods add more trademark to his bustling palette.The subtle addition of flute adds colour and melds beautifully with Wellington's coruscating mute trumpet.Barrie's yang is met with the softer yin of female vocalist Therryl Jay who positively radiates good vibes on 'I'm A Woman' and 'Walkin'.

Sharpe always has plenty going on to set him apart from the retrogressive and formulaic stylings of the day as he exclaims with one good notion on 'The Revolution Will Be Funky'.There's no change without progression and this is progressing sweetly.What follows is freer, looser and Sharpeye's last installment of the series proves to be the most singularly authored LP and it isn't all socio political introspective too. It delivers on breeziness with the sheer charm of 'Shine' and 'You Are My Sunshine'.

My personal fave,'Where You Gone' reaches the heady heights and worthy of Bill Withers,a zenith that frankly can't be topped but this utter gem earns it place on this vivid canvas magically sprawled out before us.This is a gripping finale to the work and concept of a singularly compelling artist.
Words Emrys Baird

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