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Big Boss Man: Last Man On Earth (Blow Up Records)

Big Boss Man: Last Man On Earth (Blow Up Records)



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UK release date 01.09.2014

The British four piece return with a new bag of groovetastic songs and recordings, whilst epitomising their feel good retro roustabout revelry - their mix of Latin, Jazz, Soul, Psych Rock and ̢۪60s / ̢۪70s R&B adornments are now bolstered with a stonking brass section and guest vocalists, adding further to the musical mayhem this lot can muster!

The single "Aardvark" is a bouncy jazz dance floor filler, exuding tons of fun and some swinging ensemble playing, jammed with a lockstep groove that varies between R&B vamps and imaginative jazzy improvisation. Title track "Last Man On Earth" sounds like a classic 60's TV themeâ€Â¦when deep freezers had arrived, continental holidays, instant dinners, fish fingers and fabulous pink Camay soap! Oh for those good old glorious days!

"Blow Your Own", an eerie psych rock garage beano replete with a fab timbales solo, whets the appetite but doesn't really go anywhere and is a criminally short piece at 1.46! Things get back on the right track with the pulsating "Hail Caesar", a clever piece of fantasy with latin swing twists and turns.

What is so great about this album is it's eclectic mixture, none more so exemplified than by "Changing Faces", a slice of garage psychedelia which sounds like it was recorded in 1966. The classic drum fills and wah-wah guitar add to the classic feel of this track. Pictures Of Matchstick Men on acid as they say!

They are not without humour eitherâ€Â¦"Bombay Mix" is a nice little entree into "Crimson 6T's", which is led by a cranking Bontempi like organ, adorned with delightful horn flurries and some crisp guitar. A paean to the 60's when the groove was swinging daddio and jazz grooves flourished! Nice!

In all fairness, we̢۪re not plumbing new ground or being particularly avant-garde here, but this is casual music, heavily styled and made for enjoyable listening - and on that level, it most certainly delivers.
Words Emrys Baird

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