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CORRINE BAILEY RAE: Corinne Bailey Rae (Special Edition)

Corinne Bailey Rae



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UK release date 26.02.2007

At the risk of blowing our own trumpet (well why not!) we here at B&S were amongst the first to draw attention to the talents of Corrine Bailey Rae.

Since then (the back end of 2005) she has of course taken the world (even America) by storm. Now EMI in an attempt to maximise their investment in Leedsâ finest have re-issued THAT album in De Luxe format. The two CD pack offers the original LP and a set of rarities, B-sides and covers. That original set needs no further comment other than to suggest that âPut Your Records Onâ is on its way to standard status while the Bacharach-esque âCall Me When You Get Thisâ is still an utter joy. On the second CD we get 10 cuts including a wonderfully bassy Amp Fiddler remix of âEnchantmentâ. From a soul perspective itâs got more to offer than the âWeekenderâ mix of âIâd Like Toâ. Clearly âWeekenderâ in this context isnât the retro soul kind. Corrine also offers her versions of Led Zeppelinâs âSince Iâve Been Loving Youâ, the Editorâs âMunichâ, Borkâs âVenus As A Boyâ and Arethaâs âDaydreamingâ. That last one is a measure of how far the singerâs come in just a year. Confident to take on a real classic, she does it her own way and makes it a typical Corrine Bailey Rae track.
Words Bill Buckley

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