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New Street Adventure + Weekend Sun: 100 Club London 4/11/14

Nick Corbin - New Street Adventure: 100 Club, London 4/11/14
Nick Corbin - New Street Adventure: 100 Club, London 4/11/14 Nick Corbin - New Street Adventure: 100 Club, London 4/11/14 New Street Adventure: 100 Club, London 4/11/14 New Street Adventure: 100 Club, London 4/11/14

Great to be back at the 100 club an iconic venue, which has been a cradle for British Jazz, Punk Rock and a whole lot more besides...and now synonymous with Northern Soul nights, which are proving to be very popular. Tonight sees two bands who have a bit of northern in them, especially Weekend Sun who hail from Darlington and are making their debut down southâ¦

They are here to promote their excellent debut album, "Forever Tomorrow," and kick off proceedings with album opener "Keep Running" - a churning moody minimal palette highlighting Esther Taylor's evocative singing, the tune is more driven than the record, live drums propelling it with intensity and it was heartwarming to see the audience's ears pricking up as they realise its pure quality they are hearing!

The scene had been set as they ploughed through gems and mobilised the masses offering something new, especially when second singer Beth Jackson jumps on stage and ramps up the energy. To cut a long story short the gig felt outwardly nostalgic (but not pastische) and there's no doubt Weekend Sun have potential for greater exploration in the future. A sturdy London precedent had been setâ¦

Next up, New Street Adventure, it was three and half years to the day I had seen them perform (ironically at the 100 club), so I was eager to see how they had progressed. They've certainly come along way since their three piece and nine piece incarnations!

Now leaner as a five piece, the band sounded slicker with a full sound
and an excellent drummer at the helm, plus a flashy lead guitarist who wasn't afraid to 'prog' out (I've just invented a new prog! lol) Band leader and frontman Nick Corbin was in fine fettle, relaxed, smiling and happy a full crowd was in evidence and greedily lapping up everything the band offered up.

Opening with "Lucky Lady," an open hearted yearning to someone, saw the band settle in before launching into their rousing single "On Our Front Door Step." Complete with stinging social commentary (about the recent London riots) as Corbin blares out âOn our front doorstep, thereâs no red white and blue, only pride in easy pickings as the mob are running through, and itâs mirrored in their prizes as theyâre sizing up the loot like it counts for nothing.â The Clash has not been lost on this boy, it's heartwarming to see him developing as a really good lyricist as well as a great little tunesmith.

The young pretender who mixes Weller, Artic Monkeys, Gallagher Brothers and rolls them all merrily into one as he ploughs his way gleefully through; "Hunted", "Be Somebody", "A little Alarmed" and plenty more besides, giving everything an anthemic touch and proving to this jaded hack how much he has evolved since 2011.

The 100 Club proves to be a special place for this band. "The Big A.C." a tune inspired by graffiti in the bogs of this very club, came home to roost and sounded epic! It's heartwarming to see so many now taking attention, and rightly so as New Street Adventure have more than laid the groundwork - it's been definitely worth the wait for fans of this underrated outfit. A top night out!
Words Emrys Baird

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