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The SugaRush Beat Company: Bush Hall (London) 28/04/2008

The Sugarush Beat Company
The Sugarush Beat Company

Those attending The SugaRush Beat Company’s recent London outing at Bush Hall could have been forgiven for wondering at first if they were at the right concert, as the show’s intro launched into what could only be described as a mix of prog rock meets “The Clash”.

However, with the arrival of Rahsaan Patterson and Ida Corr onto the tiny stage and with the aid of a backing 3 man brass section, the gig did revert quickly back into soul-like form with the cheery honey coated up-tempo number, aptly named “Sugarush”.

The wide and diverse range of beats, rhythms and melodies on offer, nonetheless, continued to resist all attempts at placing the music into a neatly packaged soul genre. 'L-O-V-E' harked back to the great concept soul music of the early 1970’s and the futuristic party feel of 'They Said' clearly contained influences of Outkast’s 2003 hit 'Hey-Ya'. In fact, as Patterson cracked some merry quips between songs, dressed in shirt, stripy tie and jeans, resembling a store manager on dress down days, you could not help thinking that there was more than a touch of Andre 3000 about him. But there was no denying his voice contained a raw Motown quality and that the obvious strong chemistry between him and a constantly smiling Ida kept the gig moving forward.

The gig did again revert briefly back to a prog rock instrumental from the remaining musicians as Patterson and Corr left the stage temporarily. Upon their return the audience were treated to a number that paid tribute to those edgy Harlem street sounds of the seventies in the form of 'Oh Lord'. The true masterpiece was, however, saved up for the close of the hour long gig. 'In the End' had true anthemic quality serving up booming spine tingling baseline synth, coupled with Ida Corr’s urgent dramatic vocals and lyrics that oscillated between political commentary and message of hope.

The eclectic nature of both group and music was hardly surprising as the nucleus of Sugarush Beat Company is truly international as it is diverse. Rahsaan Patterson is an American Nu-soul singer, Jarrad Rodgers is the Australian songwriter and beat/rhythm meister and Ida Corr is a Danish singer. The fusion of these talents succeeded in coming together at Bush Hall to create an original and uplifting performance.

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