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Krystle Warren: Union Chappell 09/10/09

Krystel Warren
Krystel Warren

For those of you that witnessed, the nothing short of spellbinding performance by Krystle Warren with the track from her namesake album âCirclesâ on Jools Holland just the week before â A performance that sent the sometimes sceptical, often whimsical JH crowd into nothing short of a frenzy. It was this performance that hastened the now worldwide release of the said album and wet my appetite to find out what all the fuss was about. And was it worth it you ask? Well...

Of course it was! Upon attending the Union Chapel gig near Londonâs Highbury corner I couldnât wait to take my seat; such was the anticipation and buzz from this excited crowd. The ecclesiastical decadence of this unusual concert setting was indeed apt for, what was about to be, a heavenly performance from the boy-esc figure of one Krystle Warren. Looking like an extra from a Hovis ad - this demure, plainly attired star in the making; dressed in muted coloured (unflattering) slim cut trousers, t-shirt, scarf and cap was about to show why we are tipping her for dizzy heights.

Indeed- it was this no-frills style of Joe Cocker painful (looking) delivery etched in her face - crossed with the essence of Nina Simone which makes her not only pleasant on the ear, but highly engaging to watch. So at this point I naturally expected this very special evening to be littered with new tracks from the new album that I recently received... naturally!? (how silly of me). Instead it was new tracks- Full stop! Havenât a Scooby Doo what they were called as this would be acoustic showpiece fell flat in the announcement stakes due to the volume of the artist/soundman who sat almost next to me?! Hearing aid turned down next time mate;)... This however is not a complaint- far from it! I enjoyed every last drop of Warrenâs performance as she proceeded to veer off-piste from the start of her set â taking the audience, who were in total ore, and more than willing to hang on every last delicious drop of their husky heroine.

After the first two songs and quicker than you could say a Little Britain catch phrase we were back in the room with the albumâs first single âYear End Issueâ. Her deft delivery was still evident in every department as Warren had now warmed to the audience and in turn the audience to the story teller. Now confidently stepping away from the mic, the full rawness of her vocal could now explore every dark corner of the church and how happy that made every witness to this feat. Like a champion tennis player she walked away from the mic once more ready to set herself for the next tune â she joked as she turned her guitar to perfect pitch âThis is the tuning songâ, now having the audience where she wanted them she encouraged them to full participation. The audiences part in this bargain was to sing âForget me notâ which they duly obliged and again the singer seemed to rejoice in the fact that this encounter with her public would ebb and flow to a natural progression. Did Krystle Warren have a set-list that night - who knows...? Hey, I donât wanna know! I donât care that I didnât know the first songs â The only thing I care about is, that I was there!! And the only thing you should care about is, that you were not.

The last song of the night and Iâm sure the intention was to send us away with a lasting memory (too late I already had one... or two), was the cover of the Beatles seminal classic âEleanor Rigbyâ reciprocated in a stunning soulful rendition with Warrenâs rasping belt set to max â the simple arrangement and immersion of the artist with the delivery of the song was a sheer joy to behold and very special moment indeed.

On the whole a stunning debut from the reluctant Diva, and more to the point, a thoroughly satisfied reviewer (as you by now have deduced). All funnily enough accomplished without the song âCirclesâ that launched our initial excitement in the artist and topped with bunch of unknown songs â Brave? Or is it just Krystle Warren.

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