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Snowboy and the Latin Section: The Boatyard - Leigh on Sea (Essex) 30/08/09

Snowboy @The Boatyard (Leigh on Sea)
Snowboy @The Boatyard (Leigh on Sea) Snowboy @The Boatyard (Leigh on Sea) Snowboy @The Boatyard (Leigh on Sea) Snowboy at the Boatyard - Leigh on Sea 30/08/09 Snowboy at the Boatyard - Leigh on Sea 30/08/09 Snowboy at the Boatyard - Leigh on Sea 30/08/09 The Latin Section's Davide Giovannini at the Boatyard - Leigh on Sea 30/08/09 Snowboy and the Latin Section at the Boatyard - Leigh on Sea 30/08/09 Snowboy and the Latin Section at the Boatyard - Leigh on Sea 30/08/09 Tongue and Groove's Paul Taylor 'Tongue & Groove presents' Snowboy and the Latin section- Leigh on Sea 'Tongue & Groove presents' Snowboy and the Latin section- Leigh on Sea 'Tongue & Groove presents' Snowboy and the Latin section- Leigh on Sea Snowboy and the Latin Section fans Sarah and Claire

Latin American congo playing icon Snowboy is known for attracting the creme de la creme of artists to accompany him both in the studio and during his live sets - and tonight was definitely going to be no exception. The Boatyard restaurant (maybe it should be Snowbuoy and the Latin Section) is not your everyday Latin American host, but tonight it was just perfect!

As we filtered from our transportation to the entrance of one of Old Leigh's top dining establishments, two things struck me - one, what a beautiful setting. The glass expanse at the front looked like someone had dissected the building just for me to scrutinize what was inside and two, and more importantly, how busy it was. Packed to the rafters with some of the coolest characters (a cooool hat wearing night for sure) I've seen in a while. A place to come and dress-up, enjoy a reasonably priced (well it is fine dining) meal - ideal for an occasion I think would probably be the correct assessment.

I would also like to add that you would never know that this restaurant had never catered for this type of event before, taking out tables and chairs creating a dancefloor which was about to be well and truly used. It was set out a little Jazz Cafe like in it's appearance, with diners upstairs overlooking the bar, dancing and act downstairs. The only obvious difference was a bar shaped like a boat (I kid you not) and the refreshing lack of pretentiousness.

So with that last comment in mind I think it's only fair to mention the team that made this magical night come to pass - 'Tongue and Groove Presents' consist of three promoters Paul Taylor, Scott Cuba and Ria Currie who seem to have the blend just right in experience and flair choosing both a mesmerizing venue and high echelon acts to perform. Starting with an event back in May with the group 'Speedometer' (another sell-out) at the same venue, the thriving threesome have now evolved their night to incorporate, on this occasion, one of the best (in my humble opinion) Latin American groups in the world - so a coup indeed!

So how was the concert itself (I thought you'd never ask). I have to be careful here not to use too many superlatives here as the shear class, the brilliance, the balance, the esp. type delivery (knowing each others tiniest most intricate musical movements) inside and out + the pure quality of execution of each track was truly outstanding (right, I can go home now!?). Jokes aside - if I were to mark it on a scale of 1-100 for the Snowboy and his Latin Section, I think it would be somewhere in the thousands. Percussion perfection and brass brilliance about sums up this squeakily tight outfit.

In the biography for SB's Latin Section they refer to the guys as the "Dream Team", well they certainly fulfilled the audience at the Boatyard's wildest dreams with a deft, well oiled and expertly drilled show. From the very first "Hello music lovers" from Snowboy as he launched into the latin infused first tune, to a heavy jazz influenced 2nd track - these boys were touching all bases. The pace picked up towards frenzy next with a superb trumpet solos form Sid Gauld as Snowboy introduced a piece that he had written for Latin Jazz King Eddie Palmieri - returning the honour as Palmieri had written one for Snowboy previously. It was at this point; if you weren't dancing on the dance floor, it was your cue to leave as couples jived and hopped to the hypnotic ensemble that graced that corner. And like a kind of pied piper you literally found you had no choice, as engaging and mesmerising as this it was.

As we changed direction a little- by way of Mambo, there were no signs here of the pace letting up - Saxophonist Gary Plumley was in fine form as the mantle of 'world class' defined him to a T. David Giovanni was in a league of his own playing Drums, Timbales and offering wholesome, authentic and defining vocals. Dr Nico Gomez bass surgery was well and truly open for some real funked-up business, providing an essential backbone for the really big numbers. Trombonist Paul Taylor (leader of the horn section) proved why he is in great demand with with top-draw solos.

Special mention has to go to David Pattman on Bata Drum/Bongos and MAN can he PATT!? Watching the concentration etched in Dave's face as he kept those rhythms flowing was a lesson to any pretender as Dave showed that music on this occasion was King. Penultimate mention has to be keyboard wizard and no stranger to these pages as I have raved about him before - Neil Angilley. There is nothing on a keyboard he can't do (playing wise guys!) and he was in euphoric form this evening, seemingly enjoying every minute and proving to be the oil in this well maintained machine.

Last but by NO means least the guv'nor himself, Snowboy - if there is anyone who is more devoted to his art, I haven't seen him. His (if there's a word) 'metronomic' time keeping is astounding - you have to behold his glorious solo's first hand to really appreciate them and I think you can guess by now, I'm glad I did. For speed and agility in his chosen subject, you can shut your eyes for a second and you'll think he's grown another set of arms -he's that fast!

Two nice touches to end on guys - didn't think I'd be buggin out to the theme from 'The New Avengers!' As the groups final number -But hey, you learn something new everyday. AND making me smile, written on promotors 'Tongue and Groove' paraphernalia thus.

*All the events will remain true to the style of music that they are promoting.

*That it will be the coolest place to be.

*And ultimately... THE WILL NEVER , EVER, BE ANY CHEESE!!!restaurant

Rules out using the Pizza resturant up the road in the future then!?

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