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Amina Bryant bringing the old school to the new school

Amina Bryant
Amina Bryant

There are many things that Amina Bryant does well and continues to do well. With the clarity of someone far older, Amina insured that she first studied to achieve some amazing results in Law before embarking on her musical career.

“Always surrounded by music” Amina’s break through was the fantastically catchy "Jimmy" which actually featured Jim Jones on the remix. With her current single "Why You Do That" evoking memories of Toni Braxton in her pomp, Amina and her producer Whizz Kid are definitely onto somethingâ€Â¦..and I like it!

You are twenty five now which is late in this age of young talent why has it taken you until now?

For me I have always been in music it has always run parallel in my life I come from a musical family I have a studio in my house from fifteen I was in garage roots but I have always wanted to balance it. I made a promise to myself that I would get an education and once I graduated then I would put all my focus into the music.

That shows great discipline, what did you study?

I did Economics, psychology, history and English literature. I did really well at my A level, I then went to University and I did law. I choose law because I wanted to learn about my industry so when people give me a contract I can read it and understand it.

Did you have any formal training in terms of singing?

I went to the audition for the Brit School and they wanted me to do study there but I was a straight A student. They told me that I would have to drop basically all my subjects but I decided to stay where I was and finish my education.

You said you have a musical family how did they influence you?

I come from a big family I have three brothers and two sisters and I am the youngest and they listened to all types of music that influenced me from jungle, 80’s music to RnB. My dad was in all different sound systems but he was into jazz and so he used to take me to all of his gigs.

Who is your greatest musical influence?

I am a big MJ fan and so there is nothing I do that I do not relate to him really but 90’s RnB I loved it. It was a great time and it still influences me I listen to En Vogue, Brandy, 702 people with so much talent and great voices and production.

You and your producer have a great chemistry from what I can see, what makes this relationship work?

We met around five years ago we did. I was always looking for someone to do that pop RnB but I could not find someone and I did not want to stay a grime producer. So we met started to mess around with beats and over the time we worked on more music and finally Jimmy was born.

Speaking of Jimmi as your start out track really how did that come about?

We wanted to create something with a dance hall Caribbean influence and that was the concept. Whiz played around with some progressions and gave it to me. I wrote words and stuff and then I was going out to the states I went there with the basics of the track and played it to a few people out there and they said they were really feeling it. So we finished it up and so it was a quick process.

Were you surprised by the reactions?

It has been a roller-coaster year I put out Jimmy just so people to hear it I did not expect it to get the love it did it was play listed on 1xtra and we joked about Jim Jones on the remix it and then he did.
And what’s in the pipeline for you right now?

The mix tape is called "Back to the Future" because that is my favourite movie but also because this mix-tape charts my influences. There is a bit of Motown, then there is the Soul II Soul feel, then RnB stuff and hip-hop like Timbaland, Neptunes and then up to date with Usher Jay Z and so it charts my influences. I have Drake on there, I'm singing a Cyndi Lauper track over it so it is really mixed.

And live performances?

For the rest of the year it will just be about me getting out there and performing. We have an acoustic set up we have sorted and I will be doing "I Luv Live" and then there is a track I will be putting out and the end of the year which I am excited about so look out for that.

Amina Bryant's single "Why You Do That" is out on We Stay Fly
Words Semper Azeez-Harris

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