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The Jabra BT3030 'Dog Tag' Wireless Stereo Headset

JABRA BT3030 JABRA BT3030 BT3030

How does this sound; "Wireless music and calls to and from your mobile, Remote control your music and all in an ultra cool dog tag design"

I know... I haven't stopped wearing mine and that's just from the fashion point of view. Let alone the fact you can plug your head phones into the Dog Tag and listen to your music via Bluetooth from your phone. How good are you going look?... I'll tell you, sooo good.

The sound is good and the connectivity is first class. It took two seconds to set up and put round my neck and a further second to start playing my tunes via my phone.
Fashion and music hand in hand, well done Jabra. The BT3030 is first class in looks and in sound. The headphones are light weight and compact and come in ear bud form, with three interchangeable sizes so it doesn't matter how big your ears are!

You have the facility to also clip it on in case you don't want to wear it via the chain round your neck. Oh and did I tell you, you can answer your phone with the Dog Tag by just pushing a button (as are all the controls including volume, skip, pause and by holding down the play button you can turn it off.)

Nice and crisp sound so you can hear your mates clearly when they call (as the music dyes down and stops till you finish the call) the music starts again soon as you hang up. So over all, do we like it at B&S?... Well, what do you think!? I give it 9 out of 10... Well it can't be cooler than me can it ;-)

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