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Fifty Filthy Funk Licks : Rick Stickney

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This superb ebook covers funk guitar styles in its many forms, so if you are fan of say,The Meters, James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Chic,to name but a few this series is for you.The video links are concise with right and left hand techniques that are covered in detail. They are also great for ear training as there is no talk so you can really focus on getting these super licks under your belt.The examples played and transcribed in TAB, will give you the tools to play funk in many different situations whether it's pop, rock, or your own music. Understanding and playing the funk guitar style can add dynamics and spice to your playing and your phrasing and syncopation is only going to improve with these little nuggets of funk! Rick breaks it all down too and plays it at normal speed then slow, so the bite size information lodges firmly in the brain and he really digs in on this style with consummate ease .

Rick Stickney is not only a teacher's teacher but a guitarist's guitarist his groove is deep and firmly in the pocket and for those of us who want to work on our groove playing this is an essential purchase.Visit his website where you can experience free lessons,further ebooks or better still book a skype lesson.
Words Emrys Baird

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