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50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks : Jamie Holroyd

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The 50 Jazz Licks Guitar Package provides everything you need to go from a fresh-faced beginner,to this exciting genre, into a seasoned jazzer. Perfect for say, a rock guitarist who wants to expand and dip his toe into other musical areas.Holroyd's skill is taking bite size junks and breaking down the complexities of jazz into digestable material.
It blows private tuition out of the water in terms of cost, and gives you enough jazz riffs to take you from an intermediate player to a budding, impressive jazz guitarist.A perfection solution to getting out of that rut!

Topics covered in 50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks

Swing, blues, bebop, hard bop, and modern jazz licks in the style of Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, and Kenny Burrell.
Improvising over short and long major and minor ii-V-I chord progressions
Constructing licks and improvising over major, minor and dominant 7th chord types.
Composing full solos using a variety of different jazz guitar licks
Playing over standard, modal and jazz blues chord progressions.
You Also Get

52 Page Printable PDF eBook
50 Jazz Guitar Licks in Tab and Notation
60 Accompanying Audio Examples
Bonus Practice Tips and Exercises
Specific Practice Tasks with Each Lick
Easy to Understand Analysis of Each Lick
5 Full Jazz Solo Etudes with Backing Tracks

Check out his website too for other e books and gems plus private lessons.You will not be disappointed ; Jamie is one of the best instructors out there! For more information go to
Words Emrys Baird

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