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Korg R3

Korg R3 Korg R3

Korg have unleashed a real beauty here. The R3 is sleek slender and light and doubles up as a must have studio keyboard as well as a blinding piece of kit to take out live. The sounds are raw and you can use it straight out the box or go deep into editing mode and lose yourself, that's up to you and how much of a geek you are!

The R3 is all things to all men ,for the money alone is worth it just for the vocoder, which is highly discernable and clear as a bell. The goose neck mic attached via XLR is a simple and effective device which will no doubt spawn lots of Roger Troutman clones have been warned!

What else do you get? Well modulation sequencing for a start which emulates an old classic analogue sequencer which can be recorded in step or real time. Built in EQ that sounds fantastic and will really add that special je ne sais quoi to your sound and compositions. All in all I can't wait to take one out live and add those expensive sounds to proceedings.This is a little fatty that knocks socks off the competiton such as the new xio, as mr Bakewell would say "it's exceedingly good" well worth the dosh too!
Words Emrys Baird

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