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The Sorcerers : In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God

The mood deepens too with the slinky as hell 'Sacred Sacrament' and the spirit of Black Orpheus arises during the gutsy flute outbreak of co founder and multi instrumentalist Pete Williams

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Em 1

The Eminent Stars : Bumpin' On

The band also have an extraordinary soul singer who seems to have emerged fully formed as a linear inheritor of the American blues and R&B tradition.

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Boom 1

Dr Rubberfunk : Boom! (Ft.John Turrell)

It's testament to the masterful skills of Rubberfunk that he can take a bog standard blues sequence yet turn it into a solid,soul drenched slice of blessedness.

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Resolution 88 : Revolutions

Pitching Up' the groovy Herbie inspired piece of blessedness, is ingenious in concept (unless they all have OCD) here the band emulate the effect of going from 33 to 45rpm

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Weekend 1

Weekend Sun : Caught In The Machine

They are not afraid to experiment and take risks but ultimately offering the listener plenty of choice and for this they must be applauded

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The Milk: Cages (Wah Wah 45s)

The Milk: Cages (Wah Wah 45s)

This album is high octane soul at it's best! In short, if you want a band with authentic soul coursing through its veins and with genuine edge, then look no further than The Milk...

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Anna Aarons : Words

Anna Aarons is a new name to me but she seems to be making an impact early on in her career and this enterprising single should open doors for her.

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Mo 1

The Mighty Mocambos : 2066

From Hamburg to Honolulu this exceptionally enterprising team of melodic funkateers spread their net and yes it is a niche but a global niche none the less.

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Shawn 1

Shawn Lee : Rides Again

Shawn Lee is carving quite a niche for himself.I first came across him some years back when he was doing the Ping Pong Orchestra

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C C1

Crowd Company Ft. Ryan Zodis & Eric Bloom: Express 76

"Express 76" is the vibrant new single from those fine purveyors of energetic soul and funk music, Crowd Company. It's quite a departure from their usual signature sound...

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