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Crushed Velvet & The Velveteers : Love & Truth

Let’s face it Soulive's Alan Evans is a highly respected musician on all fronts and he’s proved this time and time again with many of the unique projects he has been involved with.

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True Loves: Sunday Afternoon (Color Red) REVIEW

True Loves “Sunday Afternoon” (Color Red)

The band’s rhythm section give proceedings a distinct foundation, providing a springboard for James's slinky guitar and the first-class/extremely phat horn section, bringing Tower Of Power to mind...

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The Fantastics: Take A Shot (BBE) REVIEW

The Fantastics! “Take A Shot” (BBE)

The Fantastics! are back with their sensational new album “Take A Shot” and they've re-enlisted Sulene Fleming, who together get to explore and revise their unique brand of funk, soul and Latin...

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Nat Turner Rebellion: Laugh To Keep From Crying (Philly Groove Records) REVIEW

Nat Turner Rebellion: Laugh To Keep From Crying (Philly Groove Records)

Nat Turner Rebellion's compilation of their finest cuts is a charming, stepping groove punctuated by choppy horns, coral electric sitar guitar and snapping drums that groove hard in the funk-filled ether...

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Gizelle Smith “Revealing” (Jalapeno Records) REVIEW

Gizelle Smith “Revealing” (Jalapeno Records)

Once known as the 'golden girl of funk’, Gizelle Smith rises from personal family setbacks and gets her mojo back as she moves swiftly into fifth gear with this enterprising release...

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Eboni Band (Eboni Records) REVIEW

Eboni Band (Eboni Records)

What do you get if you mix Motown with the lilting rhythms of West Africa? Easy! You get the Eboni Band's self-titled 1981 debut album…released 41 years after its original release!

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George Porter Jnr & Runnin Pardners : Crying For Hope

Let's face it The Meters are to funk what The Beatles were to pop history.In fact it's no wonder Paul McCartney actually booked them for a party in 1975 - he knew!

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S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L Music) REVIEW

S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L. Music)

There's plenty of life-affirming happiness here, which seems to be this artist's mission statement, as S.E.L. proves time and time again with this sterling platter of fresh songs...

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Joanna Law: Rhythm of Years (Tangental Music)

Joanna Law: Rhythm Of Years (Tangental Music)

The release of "Rhythm of Years" marks a return to the fray for Joanna Law and sees her material finally make album form. It's a mix of old and new, never before released songs...

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Soulive 1

Soulive: 1999 Getting Down At Hampshire College (Vintage League Music)

Here you sense the seeds of a really cool band being sown, it also allows you to see where they came from and how fruitful of a journey it's been. This live slbum is fully realised and invigorating...

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