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George Porter Jnr & Runnin Pardners : Crying For Hope

Let's face it The Meters are to funk what The Beatles were to pop history.In fact it's no wonder Paul McCartney actually booked them for a party in 1975 - he knew!

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S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L Music) REVIEW

S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L. Music)

There's plenty of life-affirming happiness here, which seems to be this artist's mission statement, as S.E.L. proves time and time again with this sterling platter of fresh songs...

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Joanna Law: Rhythm of Years (Tangental Music)

Joanna Law: Rhythm Of Years (Tangental Music)

The release of "Rhythm of Years" marks a return to the fray for Joanna Law and sees her material finally make album form. It's a mix of old and new, never before released songs...

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Soulive 1

Soulive: 1999 Getting Down At Hampshire College (Vintage League Music)

Here you sense the seeds of a really cool band being sown, it also allows you to see where they came from and how fruitful of a journey it's been. This live slbum is fully realised and invigorating...

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Soulive: Get Down 21st Birthday Edition (Vintage League Recordings)

Eric Krasno displays his understated virtuosity with his surgically precise playing mixing funk and jazz like a master baker, backed by Neal Evans' affirmative organ playing and of course...

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Fan 1

The Fantastics!: Hey Mister Ft. Sulene Fleming

Those stalwarts of funk and soul, The Fantastics, are back with a very lively/first class single of deep, organic disco funk, coupled with the sassiest and distinctive vocals of the irrepressible Ms Sulene Fleming...

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Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “I Told You So” (Colemine Records)

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “I Told You So” (Colemine Records)

Heavy Hammond exponents Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio come up trumps and hit the ground running with this, their sophomore album, "I Told You So". This mighty fine collection of moves and grooves sees...

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Abi Farrell

Abi Farrell: Empowered (Big AC Records)

Exciting times for all involved at brand new label Big AC Records and especially it's first signee "Abi Farrell, who has hit the ground running with "I Will See You Though" and now sophomore release Empowered

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Vintage League Music: Family Album Vol.1

VLM (a label that is barely a year old) are carving out a whole new style for themselves, expanding their remit rapidly and growing into a mighty funk and soul force to be reckoned with...

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Brain Power

Brain Power: Optimistic Ft. Lucita Jules (SoulHouse Music)

I take my metaphorical hat off to the supreme talents of Brain Power for the authentic construction of his version of this all-time gospel classic, with its delicious r’n’b groove updated to a soul-house scorcher...

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