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Barrie K Sharpe : Rhythm Rhyme Revolution #2

It is his vision of creating a soul/jazz/afro funk hybrid combined with talented musicians who bring the music to the fore and add such depth on the album,lovingly crafted and well thought out.There are many highlights here on RRR#2

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Zapp : The New Zapp 1V U

Robinsongs follow on with their second bout of Zapp funk in the shape of this new sterling release combining the two albums, “The New Zapp IV U” ( 1985) and 'Vibe' (1989) 28 tracks featuring the singles

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Brooklyn Funk Esentials : No Strings

Brooklyn Funk Essentials get out of the blocks early and lay down their remit for 2019with this dope slice of mid tempo disco boogie brilliance.

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Tower Of Power: You Ought To Be Havin Fun - The Columbia/Epic Anthology

When it comes to funk and soul you could say this band are at the very pinnacle of excellence in this, their chosen field...

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Craig 1

The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club : Vol 6

Seems like Santa's got a brand new bag and Freestyle and their wonder elves have bought you their best possible selection even better and more nourishing than a Kellogg's mini 12 pack

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Thelma 1

Thelma Houston : The Devil In Me Three cd compilation

This exhaustive compilation focuses on her work in lieu of the international success of her smash hit 'Don’t Leave Me This Way’, which launched Thelma to worldwide superstardom

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Staple 1

The Staple Singers: For What it's Worth 1964-1968

Lose yourself in Pop Staples' beautiful languid guitar,Pervis's golden tone and Mavis' super-soulful lead vocals. Soul Music Records must be applauded for bringing these six sought-after albums back into the fold...

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Oscar 1

Oscar Jerome: Do You Really (Au Contraire Music)

Oscar Jerome's new single reminds of one of those russian dolls (small dolls inside bigger dolls and so on) it's many layered that's what I'm trying to say.....

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Jean Carne

Jean Carne: Don't Let It Go To Your Head The Anthology

When it comes to fusing '70s soul and jazz with well crafted songwriting and strong instrumental backing look no further than the wonderful and exceptional talents of Jean Carne...

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Kizzy Crawford: Progression

New Soul-Folk sensation Kizzy Crawford gifts us with her debut single on Freestyle Records to dazzling effect. Kizzy possesses an evocative melodic and smooth as cream voice with a very stylish persona to boot...

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