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Soothsayers Meets Victor Rice & Friends Volume 1

There are many highlights too, the evocative 'Harry's way' is a case in point with its cross stick magic happening on the drums and its funk-inflected guitar skank really cuts the mustard...

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Ragawerk: Ragawerk

Ragawerk really seduce you into their secret arcane world they are full of enticement and their sonic palette is wide

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Sessa: Estrela Acesa (Mexican Summer) REVIEW

Sessa: Estrela Acesa (Mexican Summer)

There's something spellbinding about Sessa's seductive intensity. Simply, this sterling album is an expression of his love for the art form from a golden era, known as Bossa and Tropicália...

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Juanita Euka : Mabanzo

This strident offering really cuts the mustard with its lilting cross-rhythms, fluid African guitar and darting horns, laying out these songs in a glorious manner.

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Cleveland Watkiss: The Great Jamaican Songbook Volume 1

He offers a suggestion of warmth, of unshakable confidence, of an invitation to the listener to follow him on a heroic quest.

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Bob 1

Bob Marley One Love Experience: Saatchi Gallery, London (Feb 2-18 March)

There's a distinct celebratory feeling as soon as you enter this innovative exhibition and it's no wonder as the topic is none other than the life of Bob Marley...

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Juanita Euka: Nalingi Mobali Te

Some red hot Congolese inspired dance sounds seem to be expounding forth from this most colourful and vibrant artist. It's Infectious as it is joyous and fresh sounding too...

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It's A Good, Good Feeling: The Latin Soul Of Fania (Fania Records) REVIEW

It's A Good, Good Feeling: The Latin Soul Of Fania (Fania Records)

You get a whopping 89 tracks spanning their golden era of 1965-1975, it's no wonder Fania were frequently touted as the Motown of Latin music, this could get any party started in full swing mode...

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UB40: Bigga Baggariddimn (SoNo Recording Group) REVIEW

UB40: Bigga Baggariddimn (SoNo Recording Group)

UB40 the irrefutable and undisputed kings of reggae are back and back with a bang. It's been over a whopping 35-years since the original "Baggariddim" album was released, so here it is the follow-up...

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The Bongolian: Harlem Hipshake (Blow Up Records) REVIEW

The Bongolian: Harlem Hipshake (Blow Up Records)

Bongolian delivers an irresistible blending of Latin and soul music, which will significantly help to bring about the rise of the Afro-Latin funk revolution and we know who will be leading it! A knock out delight!

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