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Renegades Of Jazz: Sonic Verve (Bathurst) REVIEW

Renegades Of Jazz: Sonic Verve

Having released the last album under the alias in 2019, David Hanke AKA Renegades Of Jazz finally returns with his 5th full-length piece entitled, “Sonic Verve”, on his own Bathurst record label...

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Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity: Far Horizons (Soul Bank Music)

Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity: Far Horizons (Soul Bank Music)

It’s great to hear Brian Auger's mod and roots stuff and with the combination of Julie Driscoll's wonderful soulful voice and Brian Auger's pristine Hammond-organ-based, jazzy vibes make this...

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Jhelisa 1

Jhelisa: Oxygen

Jhelisa's new single "Oxygen" sounds like a condensed whole album! Plenty of vocal hooks keep her on track and the beautiful acoustic piano adds deep jazz sensibilities...

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Justin Thrgur: Many Faces (Funkiwala) REVIEW

Justin Thrgur: Many Faces (Funkiwala)

Trombonist, composer and producer Justin Thurgur steps into the limelight with this effervescent offering awash with great horns and polyrhythms. A little spiritual jazz with funkified groove plateau...

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Daniel Villarreal: Panama 77 (International Anthem) REVIEW

Daniel Villarreal: Panama 77 (International Anthem)

Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo has delivered a masterful album, multi-layered with jazz-infused psychedelic instrumental folk-funk that binds his past to the present...

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King 1

The Jazz Defenders : King Phoenix

However this new offering sees the group shift a few gears especially in the cinematic spy thriller side to them where they really do excel and 'The Oracle' is a standout tune adorned with cascading strings

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Brian Auger's Oblivian Express : Keys To The Heart

Strong themes manifest throughout and 'The Stork' a stately, measured and subtle,groove ridden track exemplifies top class musicians at the peak of their game,the stork definately delivered on this one! Effortless playing indeed.

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Joe Tatton Trio: Big Fish

Pianist and singer, Joe Tatton exudes an innate charm that lends itself to a few late-night whiskeys all presented in Tatton's distinctive bluesy, jazzy style and is the order of the day on this debut album...

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Heidi Martin : Gifts & Sacrifices

Heidi Martin is a phenomenal singer and she is flush with soulful,intoxicating melodies. This album is a veritable tour de force

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Brandon Allen : The Stanley Turrentine Project

The band too, navigate with aplomb the brilliant but tricky corners of the material.

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