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George Porter Jnr & Runnin Pardners : Crying For Hope

Let's face it The Meters are to funk what The Beatles were to pop history.In fact it's no wonder Paul McCartney actually booked them for a party in 1975 - he knew!

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S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L Music) REVIEW

S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L. Music)

There's plenty of life-affirming happiness here, which seems to be this artist's mission statement, as S.E.L. proves time and time again with this sterling platter of fresh songs...

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Joanna Law: Rhythm of Years (Tangental Music)

Joanna Law: Rhythm Of Years (Tangental Music)

The release of "Rhythm of Years" marks a return to the fray for Joanna Law and sees her material finally make album form. It's a mix of old and new, never before released songs...

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Selva 1

João Selva: Navegar (Underdog Records)

Don't get me wrong I love Samba, Bossa and Latin but when it's given a funkier edge my ears prick up. Here JS has cleverly melded styles much in the way Manu Chao did years ago...

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Treasure Isle Presents Soul Power '68 - Various Artists (REVIEW)

Soul Power '68: Various Artists (Cherry Red Records)

1968 was a very impactful year on the vibrant soul scene of the day. Many will recall 1968 as the year that soul music found its political voice...

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Soulive 1

Soulive: 1999 Getting Down At Hampshire College (Vintage League Music)

Here you sense the seeds of a really cool band being sown, it also allows you to see where they came from and how fruitful of a journey it's been. This live slbum is fully realised and invigorating...

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Soulive: Get Down 21st Birthday Edition (Vintage League Recordings)

Eric Krasno displays his understated virtuosity with his surgically precise playing mixing funk and jazz like a master baker, backed by Neal Evans' affirmative organ playing and of course...

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Michal Martyniuk: How Do We Make It? Ft. Vanessa Freeman (Bigpop Records)

Michal Martyniuk: How Do We Make It? Ft. Vanessa Freeman (Bigpop Records)

Michal Martyniuk is lauded as one of New Zealand’s most talented contemporary Jazz artists, releasing 3 albums to date to great acclaim. However, on his new single, Michal brings...

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Martha AB

Martha AB: Wants & Needs (inc. Lofty, Terminal 10 and JDN Beats Mixes)

With a voice as fresh as a spring daisy, Martha AB is a young new talent emerging on the London soul and jazz scene, who recently made her debut single "Wasting Time" with Terminal 10...

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Kavita: Goddess Deluxe - BB Boogie Mixes (I-Kue Recordings)

Daz-I-Kue (formerly from Bugz In The Attic) has been making waves with his fresh soulful sounds, releasing under his BB Boogie guise. And his latest production with UK songstress, Kavita...

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