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Tubby 1

Tubby Hayes Quartet : The lost Fontana Studio Session 1969

Like Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson and John Coltrane,Edward Brian 'Tubby' Hayes was an endlessly enriching improviser.This newly found masterpiece

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Morgan 1

Derrick Morgan & His Friends

This double cd with a whopping 36 tracks, centres round 1968 a pivotal year in the rock steady era and shines a light on the legendary performer's Hop Records back catalogue including tracks totally new to cd.

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Patrice 1

Patrice Rushen : Remind Me

This concentrates on her 6-year career with Elektra / Asylum from 1978 to 1984 and her remit was to make radio friendly yet sophisticated music and it's all here on this sterling compilation.

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Cookin 1

Cookin' On Three Burners : One Of The Ones Ft.Kyle Audlist

Slow burning yet well crafted and measured soul nuggets are the order of the day from down under's soul supremos and all round ace trio, Cookin' On Three Burners.

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Night 1

Night Trains : I Don't wanna Know

The excitement it generates literally jumps of the needle.A first class rendition that sees this long running band firmly on top

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Climax Blues Band : 1973-1976, 4CD Remastered Boxset Edition

Their versatility shines through as does their sterling musicianship - if you love that dry compressed and warm 70's sound this is just the ticket. And the funk factor goes up a notch

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Alan Evans Trio: The Wild Root

AE3: The Wild Root

Kicking off a typical organ trio groove is no bad thing a vital mission statement that kicks ass. Evans' perky drums lay down the perfect foundation but then the fun really begins with the next track...

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Dub 1

Errol Brown & The Revolutionaries: Culture Dub & Medley Dub, 2CD Expanded Edition

This 2 disc set comes with 25 bonus tracks too! It's a treasure trove of dubtastic and solid gem cuts - let's face it who doesn't like dub?

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Ashley 1

Ashley Henry : Between The Lines Ft.MC Sparkz & Keyon Harrold

A sophisticated slice of neo soul rap is served up on this single taster for the new album and jolly good it is too, it works on so many levels.

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Stone Paxton: In The Key Of... Love (Prodigee Records)

Stone Paxton: In The Key Of... Love (Prodigee Records)

"In The Key Of... Love" is part of Stone Paxton's trilogy of albums which follow the period of being part of the Stone City Band and Allen McNeil’s Troop Reloaded project...

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Next Reviews 1 to 10 of 2422

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