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Dira: Someting About The Girl

Dira: Someting About The Girl



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UK release date 08.03.2010

Expansion records brings something a little exotic to the table. Dira J Sugandi comes from Bandung, Indonesia and is causing shockwaves across south east Asia and now with this polished uk debut courtesy of Ralph Tee and Bluey on the desk, she's ready and eager to leave you her rather splendid calling card.

My ears instantly pricked up on the outstanding opener 'Inside Love' a beautiful 6/8 ballad that shows you exactly that this girl means business, her sensual vocals draw you into her world and the lush production is first class!

'Time Out Of Time' carries on where the first track left off, 4/4 now, slick rimshot drums, tight slap bass, exquisite vocals that soar right at the end keeping the listen hanging on till the last drop. 'Let's Go Back' is an absolute peach of a duet,damn these songs are mighty fine a refreshing blend of R&B mixed with acid jazz, soulful house and bossa flavours, part of which was also recorded in Jakarta. Bluey brought Incognito collaborators Matt Cooper, Richard Bull, Simon Cotsworth and Ski Oakenful into the project. The guys behind Dira have definately got their groove on !

The quality keeps coming 'Get Through To You' with it's classic live feel and incognito vibe (check out the horn arrangement!) Seems like Bluey's prevailing credentials are glued right into this project. 'Loving A Stranger' rocks with it's classic piano chords, double bass and lolloping drum groove is my fave coupled with a truly great chorus "That is the danger of loving a stranger"

Peeps don't be a stranger, Dira deserves your attention and by gad sir I thinks she's got it! If this girl doesn't become huge I'm giving up!!! A knockout delight and not one potboiler of a tune in sight!
Words Emrys Baird

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