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Krystle Warren: Circles

Krystle Warren: Circles



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UK release date 26.10.2009

This is an exceptional piece of work from the hotly tipped emerging star who has had critics lauding her as the next Nina Simone. Years of busking and paying her dues on the streets of New York have served her well with an eclectic mix of folk funk and jazz.

All of the above melds ever so sweetly into an irresistible pot pourri that could easily see her getting into the public consciousness a lot quicker than her (or her) record label first thought.

The album is full of self revelation, romance, urban grit and a sly understated dry humour (she openly admits she's a bit demanding and has a wish list the size of Texas), that is all magically woven by her delicate guitar and extraordinary voice.

It's hard to chose a favourite as there is quite a few well paced, stand out tracks on this peach of an album. 'The Means To Be' with it's major to minor chord structures is the one for me. It builds and builds epically finishing with backwards tape noise not unlike the sound the Beatles were experimenting with on Revolver.

KW has an emotional intensity few can match, soul baring, chest beating and fragile - its all in there. The songs range from full on complex arrangements to just her and her instrument, either way this girl is in for the long haul. A star is born!
Words Emrys Baird

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