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Sebah: Speak With Your Heart (Sebah)

Sebah: Speak With Your Heart (Self-Released)



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UK release date 17.02.2023

French singer and guitarist Sebah releases his second solo album, “Speak With Your Heart”, comprised of 13 colourful songs of a Caribbean soul and reggae disposition and just like his idol Bob Marley, his tunes are conscious and positively dripping with uplifting universal messages.

The songwriting is strong and so are the rhythms, “I’m Not Looking Back” is pure Trench-town rock with its lilting cross-stick groove and gospel BV’s. Sebah’s yearning vocals come up trumps on this joyous bittersweet offering. It’s a jam-packed release with choice tunes such as “Do Your Best”, where Sebah flexes his falsetto prowess, drenched in beautifully languid horns and his rasta rap roughens up proceedings nicely - a swung drum beat gives it that soul swagger and the soprano sax is pure Brandford Marsalis during his Sting period, a really nice touch to a radio-friendly slice of great songwriting.

This album is as varied as a 12-pack of Kellogg’s cereals (remember them?). The Afrocentric “A Letter” with its afrobeat feel and frenetic cowbell patterns is a pure delight also, and it swings like an open barn door on a blustery night. Good vibes are ever present, especially on “Good Morning Sun”, which sounds like a cross between Eddie Grant and Van Morrison. The spirit of Curtis Mayfield comes through on “Generous Man” - people get ready, Sebah is in the house and his upbeat soulfulness is infectious. Jam-packed with goodness, this artist has delivered the goods in the studio as well as on stage. This platter is positively brimming with energy and vigour and in my opinion, should capture a wider audience than just in his native France. Bon Voyage mon ami!
Words Emrys Baird

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