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The 2:19: We Will Get Through This (Independent)

The 2.19: We Will Get Through This



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UK release date 23.01.2023

The 2:19 is a relatively new band, formed in 2019 with this set of songs all written, arranged and rehearsed over four months and recorded live in May 2022. A game plan that seems to be working for the lads. This Irish blues band have produced a fine set of gutsy belters on their new album, “We Will Get Through This”, with an authentic feel throughout that will please many a blues purist. This release is raw but polished and together, they sure know how to deliver, having honed their sound through the lockdown. The production has a great live feel, which emboldens their ballsy approach.

The opener, “No Smoke, No Fire” sets the band’s mission statement out perfectly with its in-your-face Jack White Style. The 2:19’s sound is fronted strongly by Chris Chalmers, whose imperious vocals command your attention. Crunchy, bluesy licks and bashed-up drums reign supreme and give the listener a much-needed shot in the arm. A promising start continues with the rollicking track “Turn Out The Lights”, which is riff-laden like Dr Feelgood and bolstered by tinkly piano and crisp harmonica courtesy of Andrei Marinescu. It's a potboiler but a good one!

There's variety too...the soul-inflected “Hey Carolina” hits the sweet spot with its stopping beat and blaring horns with Amy Montgomery adding a touch of real class to proceedings. “Best Suit” has a classic old blues melodic structure with some nifty guitar picking from Paul Wilkinson and his slide resonator guitar cuts the mustard too. The lolloping beat and funky keys playing remind me of Alabama 3, which can only stand them in good stead. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, Belfast has not had anything as good as this since Them in the early ‘60s.
Words Emrys Baird

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