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The Mighty Mocambos : Scenarios




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UK release date 28.10.2022

What makes this band a standout group? Well let me tell you it's the drums pure and simple.The high pitched funky tone adds to a complete lesson in great grooving and phenomenal interplay.

It’s reminiscent of The Incredible Bongo Band’s sound. No wonder B Boys around the world love them and it’s good to see Hamburg’s deep funkateers back with this interesting new platter.

A live record that is heavy on concept which not solely a german thing - but still prevalent in the works of bands such as Kraftwerk,Neu,Can and even Rammstein!. With no audience allowed at the Pitt Hopkins Music Session charity concert, the group used the occasion to write acoustic and highly meditative folk-soul. ‘Four Two Three’ being a case in point a doleful piece with beautiful mandolins leading the way and offering us hope and the acoustic ‘Silent Heroes’ with its striking chordal intro reminiscent of ‘Night’s In Wild Satin’ and the achingly resplendent ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ adds the icing on the cake. Evocative,warm and strangely powerful pieces inviting us to see them in a natural,unadorned state.

But hey I digress back to the drums and opener ‘St Pauli Second Line’ is the funkiest nola inspired groove I’ve savoured in ages.Twangy riffs and some great call and response get the party going before the sassy vocalist kicks up a storm with the breakbeat heavy ‘Something’s Missing’ which leads into another absolute belter ‘Arabesque Breaking Suite’.’Theme From Beverley Cop’ ( Axel F) sounds like an american college band especially the horns but suffice to say, no college band can do a breakbeat like these guys!. None the less a funky potboiler.

‘Carry On’ offers some good afro funk blessedness with a stonking baritone sax solo and ‘Munich Psycholympia’ Is pure funky krautrock at its finest.I especially dig the alto sax freakout towards the end and so do the audience whose claps and whoops add to the ambiance.
Finding the funk and letting things just roll works out for this band really well.Freshness,perspicacity and variation pay off in bundles and the deep funk rendition of Shannon’s ‘Let The Music Play’ (which actually has a later Kraftwerk vibe about it) will leave a smile on your face.
These guys never stay still or rest on their laurels.This peach of an album is both vicarious and vivacious simultaneously just like that left hand right hand twin guitar they use to play……….
Words Emrys Baird

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