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The Fantastics! “Take A Shot” (BBE)

The Fantastics: Take A Shot (BBE) REVIEW



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UK release date 25.06.2021

The Fantastics! are back with their sensational new album “Take A Shot” and they've re-enlisted Sulene Fleming who, to date, has had an incredible career with high profile solo releases and appearances in prestigious bands like the Brand New Heavies and Incognito to name but two…

This enterprising outfit led by organist, record label boss and original member Greg Boraman has written songs with the singular ambition of being groovy. It’s been 9 long years since their last effort and now it must feel like a victory lap for the band but rest assured, they still clearly have a knack for writing energetic and tantalising love songs. They get to explore and revise their unique brand of funk, soul and Latin on this album. So OK, they don't get to break a lot of new ground but if it ain't broke… But, they have variety and as we all know, variety is the spice of life.

The album kicks off with the upbeat and jazzy “Better Than Dead”, a moody instrumental with some delightful flute. Leading into the visceral “Take A Shot”, a muted funk affair with Ms Fleming showing the power of her incredible range over some fat and juicy horns courtesy of Mark Norton.

The band like to stretch out too (especially the drummer) and “Oblique” sees the return of the jazz flute, a track perfect for summer and the delights that will surely bring! Sounds like Brian Auger has gatecrashed the band too with a tasty hammond solo thrown in for good measure by keys ace Boraman.

Personal fave is "Hey Mister" a bonafide belter that's adorned with Chic like guitar and bass, it certainly packs a punch and joyously celebrates its roots. On the whole, this album ticks a lot of boxes with many engaging moments, lyrically and sonically they certainly have cemented their ‘class act’ status.
Words Emrys Baird

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