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S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L. Music)

S.E.L. Loc'd In Consciousness (S.E.L Music) REVIEW



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UK release date 09.04.2021

The songwriting nous is instantly evident with the gorgeously slinky and enervating "Elevation", which kicks off this sparkling array of songs perfectly. This album has plenty of variety too. The bass-driven, slow-burning disco blessedness of "Flowered Tears" is a highly spirited effort and her uplifting positivity carries on in the guise of the Desiree cover "You Gotta Be", stripped down with that familiar Soul II Soul drumbeat, proving to be bang on the money.

Good to see her last single on this too. "Fallin'", the Latin-tinged cross-stick rhythms will sway you gently and the lilting guitar adds further seduction. S.E.L. sets it up perfectly for the wonderful tones of guest singer, Bryan Chambers, who adds his own colour and varied dynamic in much the way that, say, Luther Vandross would.

Love is never far away, either the excitement of a new romance sees our girl cooing from the rooftops with the anthemic "Brand New" - a breezy retro-sounding romp complete with punchy beats, strings and a banging chorus. There's plenty of life-affirming happiness here too, which seems to be this artist's mission statement, as S.E.L. proves time and time again with this sterling platter of fresh songs. Her enthusiasm for love and life is infectious and well worth your attention, so grab a listen to this album today and believe me, you'll be so glad you did!
Words Emrys Baird

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