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Aloe Blacc: All Love Everything (BMG)

Aloe Blacc: All Love Everything (BMG) album review



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UK release date 02.10.2020

Bar crooning a few Christmas tunes, making a handful of moving movie tracks (which this artist is perfect for) and smashing it with a smattering of well chosen collabs, Aloe Blacc has been fairly quiet on the studio album front, in fact, it's been 7-years since Grammy-nominated "Lift Your Spirit" graced the chart and did exactly what it said on the tin by lifting our music-loving spirits to the max. The album featured worldwide hit "I'm The Man" and an acoustic version of universe-wide (that's a lot bigger than worldwide, lol) hit, Avicii's dance masterpiece "Wake Me Up".

I’m please to report that “All Love Everything" picks up 'exactly' where "Lift Your Spirit" ends - well if it ain't broke…and if it uplifts the hell out of your life, why change a winning formula? Blacc's soul-folk storytelling kilter sounds even more poignant this time around, especially when you think of the current world issues we are all currently experiencing - with melody, vocal and first-rate production walking hand-in-hand-in-hand, this album shines a bright and uplifting light squarely on the listener's soul, to go even further, it's definitely one of this year's must-have albums and a contender for most uplifting album of 2020...and boy, don't we need it!

Although, in my opinion, this release doesn't boast a 'universe-wide' hit, it's still ready for worldwide acclaim. If you listen to the album from start to finish - which is what I would recommend - Blacc takes you on a journey of love, hope, love, determination, love, aspiration, love, faith, love, inner strength and oops, I nearly forgot… love.

As you may have guessed already “All Love Everything" is full of standout tracks, including Blacc's candid autobiographical album opener "My Family" and stunning closing track "Harvard". Title track "All Love Everything" drips with devotion. Gospel infused "My Way" takes your soul to dizzy heights. The deft vocal delivery and production on “Wherever You Go" has to admired, as does the life message conveyed by both "Corner" and "Hold On Tight".

My fave, well, it has to be the track that will be used at thousands of weddings around the world in the coming months and years - ironic this tune should be released when ceremonies are being affected all over the world by the COVID-19 pandemic - "I Do" was written by Blacc for his wife to celebrate their 10th anniversary/renewing their vows and is delivered with perfect meter straight from the artist’s heart and soul. It's full marks all round for this release and my review closing advice is simple… Get it, play it and immerse yourself in it! You'll be glad you did!

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