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Mica Paris: In Broad Daylight (Metrophonic)

Mica Paris: In Broad Daylight



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UK release date 31.07.2020

The circumstances were nothing short of tragic in which 46-year-old, African American, George Floyd lost his life while being detained by police. The eyes of the world looked on via mobile phones and social media, as a white police officer extinguished Floyd’s life with the heavy-handed, carefree and deliberate use of brute force as he knelt on Floyd’s neck for over 7 minutes during his arrest, while Floyd begged for the officer to stop, stating “I can’t breath” 16 times!

This needless act is the catalyst for UK soul Royal Mica Paris, whose outpouring on “In Broad Daylight” is not only heartfelt and soul-wrenching but it carries a narrative which needs to be aired and shared. Not so long ago, we were impressed by Paris as she delivered a deeply respectful and ever so enjoyable tribute to the late great First Lady of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald. On this occasion, Paris’ vocal performance and intonation are as respectful, if not more so, reminding in some part of a theatre or on film type performance, such are the vivid images which come to mind as you listen.

Here is an artist who is not afraid to pull any punches, her deliberately descriptive lyrics take us back to that series of shocking events on May 20 and the feeling of tragedy and loss which ensued. Paris remains defiant and angry and like us, in need of answers. As this simple but powerful piano/vocal track ends, Paris asks “this man’s life has got to count for something”. Indeed, after the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement and artists such as Paris lending their voices and asking questions, surely the time has come to open dialogue on deeper set racial issues and effect change. We can all hope.

Note: Profits go to the Music Against Racism organisation, which we wholeheartedly support.

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