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The All Stars: What's Going On? (Quattro)

The All Stars: What's Going On? (Quattro)



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UK release date 31.07.2020

What do you get if you cross a veritable who’s who of contemporary vocal soul talent, including the likes of The Terri Green Project, Marc Staggers, Michelle Lawson, Dynelle Rhodes (Weather Girls) David A.Tobin, Miracle Thomas and Cornell “CC” Carter with one of the greatest soul anthems known to man…or women!?! This is not just a damn fine homage to Motown’s Prince Of Soul, Marvin Gaye, but an up-to-date ode to the nothing short of crazy times we all currently find ourselves trying to negotiate.

There are 2 tasty versions to whet a soul appreciator’s appetite with the immaculately authentic production of Cool Million’s Rob Hardt on his namesake mix and equally impressive expansive honey dripped soul production from The Terri Green Project’s Torsten Abolat (Toddi Reed) and Terri Bjerre (Green) on their “Toddi Reed & Terri Green mix”. Special mention for Reed's understated but track underpinning sax.

If that wasn’t enough, it was nothing short of a masterstroke enlisting always on-point soul talent Randy Hall, who takes on guitar duties this time around with his usual musical prowess and aplomb. Hall helps to give each version it’s own identity as he, along with brilliant bassists Kirk “KC” Crumpler and Thomas Stieger, drive this 1971 all-time-classic in the featured artists own unique direction while in turn, helping to lift the tracks from good versions to the excellent category. This really is a team effort in many ways.

Picking your favourite vocal/s from the 2 versions on offer is like asking a mother who’s just had twins to pick a fave! Simply, they are both special in their own way. But, what I can tell you, all involved give 100% from start to finish and this release is well worth checking out. The adding of the question mark to the end of the title isn’t lost on this reviewer either - Marvin’s version doesn’t carry it - but, maybe now more than ever, we need to know “What’s Going On?”

Also worth mentioning, a portion of the profits from this release go to the Black Lives Matter movement so it’s worth supporting on many levels.

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