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Synthonic: Do You Remember?

Synth 1



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UK release date 17.07.2020

From beginning to end, this album is a raucous, joyful explosion. It is indeed a strong effort, showcasing the knack at creating dynamic, fresh-sounding and memorable music which carries well the genre I call "Jazz Funk". The influences are loud and clear, some being, Deodato, Wonder & Hancock a holy triumvirate right there!

There’s a bundle of ideas right from the off with the evocatively entitled, "Havana". No slinky Latin jazz here but some vibrant clav and dirty organ with floaty rhodes and the punchiest of fat big band, hybrid horns just purely slamming it! Bold and brassy is the order of the day. Just listen to the ramped-up "Quarantine" a sheer peach of a tune, pairing nicely with the aforementioned "Havana". Close, but no cigar!

The broken beat, stage 73, blessedness of "Groovin Out" sees the freneticism go down a good notch, allowing that raw organ to shine, while teeing up Dave O’Higgins’ smokey tenor loveliness as it all seep through, like Tennessee whiskey through charcoal......

The 'soulful' train of thought continues with "Stepping Out", before the filthiest synth I’ve head since early Daft Punk, kicks in on "Disco" - loving the vibe on this one especially the big fat coda build-up (chordwise) at the end.

This is an impressive body of work for Synthonic, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Kieron Garrett, who has written and produced this flashy, aural tome. "Do You Remember?" shows off his songwriting and radio-friendly style, emboldened by the mystery female vocalist and topped off with some creamy jazz guitar licks - this screams out - a touch of class, which this album certainly heralds as being. This guy is biting at the heels of Kamaal Williams, young Mr Wu needs to watch out and fast!
Words Emrys Baird

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