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The Sorcerers : In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God




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UK release date 24.01.2020

The Sorcerers have been up to all sorts of things with their spells and tricks but with this, their latest handiwork,they may have pulled off their biggest creation to date.It has a flavour of what's known as 'belle époque' (if you know your stuff) and it's truly authentic sounding.The sort of thing that you could hear coming out of the Addis club called the African Jazz Village.

There's an over sensing cry of joy to their extremely evocative music too.That lost in the jungle sound, is eerily exciting bolstered by fab basslines,mellifluous vibraphone,bass clarinet and flute excursions and lastly spry, in the pocket drums.What's not too like? The mood deepens too, with the slinky as hell 'Sacred Sacrament' and the spirit of Black Orpheus arises during the gutsy flute outbreak of co founder and multi instrumentalist, Pete Williams.The feel these guys get is unreal the ensemble playing is sticky, hip hip sample gatherers will be all over this like a rash.

Their are many highlights,my fave being 'People Of The Forest' peppered with rhythmically stonking riffs replete with monkey noises and a general sense of mayhem breaking out.Order is restored with the apocalyptic 'Shamanic Brew',creepy as hell.I can see Colonel Kurtz emerging from the shadows and he's not a pretty sight. It's not all DJ Shadow tempos either, the thrilling chase of "Who Is The Hunter Who Is The Pray" is breathtaking, especially as it features Chip Wickham on flute - shame it's such a short tune! However these Raiders Of The Lost Groove haven't really put a foot wrong and the sinewy 'Summoning The Monkey God' is bang on! The band have intutively distilled all their influences. Lalo Schifrin would certainly be singing their praises! Why not pick them as your little slice of exotica.They really are in a league of their own.
Words Emrys Baird

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