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Weekend Sun : Caught In The Machine

Weekend 1



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UK release date 30.11.2019

Karlene Gomez reigns supreme with impressive gusto, on this their sophomore outing and fulfils her aim to get the faithful on their feet.'Caught In The Machine' is an ambitious album but not without hiccups.

Opener,'September' is a gutsy slice of organic, discofied soul but' Real Man' falls somewhat flat and disjointed and to put such a potboiler in the mix so early on in proceedings seems strange.Is it signalling a car crash or just a blip? Thankfully the latter after such a promising start the reggaefied blessedness of 'Nomad saves the day and sees normality return with spry guitar and long juicy synth lines that add a ton of flavour and attitude.The tough sounding instrumental 'Avalon' shows off the band's jazzier side with a great double bass sound and choppy rhodes topped with a very raspy lo fi sax too.

'Losers For Fools' is another barnstorming tune just like the opening track.Full of funky guitar,cool bass and choice rhodes playing and a definate single in my book.The reggae returns on the wonderfully dubtastic vibe of 'Moonlight Over The Ocean' and sounds like they've switched producers,they've now got King Tubby! The punchy,driving rimshot drumming pushes the tune and gives it plenty of energy just like the slow burning PSG inspired,'Le Train Rouge' with a groovy clave beat too! They are not afraid to experiment and take risks but ultimately offering the listener plenty of choice and for this they must be applauded (as a lot of UK funk and soul bands don't) Not content to rest on their laurels Weekend Sun are pushing boundaries and getting out of their comfort zone.
Words Emrys Baird

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