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David Dower : There Are No Stars




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UK release date 03.11.2019

2019 has proven to be a busy time for this young, australian jazz pianist.He's been making huge international strides too, in London where he has a cult folllowing and his stature in Bulgaria,which has proven to be fertile ground,has grown immensely too.

He's toured there for the past three years with his mighty rhythm section that consists of Luke Fowler (bass guitar) and Matt Fisher (drums) and this enterprising platter is the follow up to "Made in Sofia" and even now he has managed to surpass it. Sophomore albums don't seem to bother him as his ideas and virtuosic performances flow effortlessly from his remarkably sparky compositional brain spurring on his band with joyful enthusiasm ,egging them on to push new boundaries.It's a thrilling rollercoaster at the very least and at times, a very daring album.

Nothing is off limits either, even deconstructing norwegian pop group Aha's 'Take On Me',to breathtaking effect.Not since Neil Cowley have I heard such musical venom in his attack and such fierce technique as well.

Title track 'There Are No Stars' a laid back jazzy,neo soul piece of fusion hits the mark too.Fowler's fretless bass solo is a subtle slice of sheer delectation and guest Zhivko Vasilev on the Bulgarian Kaval, a traditional flute-style wind instrument tears it up and likewise on the spikey 'Purpled Haired Lady'.These sophisticated tunes and well rounded arrangements just reinforce Dower's position as one of Australia's brightest jazz musicians.And this trio have built up a formidable reputation here also with their powerful, energetic piano workouts positively fizzing with jazz and world swagger!

The enchanting lullaby like 'Moyata Sestra' closes proceedings emboldened by the beautifully and sonorous lead singing of Vesela Morova.Proving to be Dower at his lyrical, filmic tone best too.A stunning composition that closes an adventurous set.This guy is a real talent and in tune as to what's going on around him.He has succeeded in avoiding being bombastic with his fluid, uncluttered tunes, brought to life with quirky humour and hi octane energy, tackling passages of tense and absorbing abstraction and for this he surely must be congratulated......
Words Emrys Baird

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