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The Mighty Mocambos : 2066

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UK release date 01.11.2019

From Hamburg to Honolulu this exceptionally enterprising team of melodic funkateers spread their net and yes it maybe a niche but a global niche none the less.

So with their latest studio release, The Mighty Mocambos have certainly lit the litmus paper and achieved startling results they have definitively proven themselves as funk masters. They blend stylistic elements of jazz, funk, soul, and, really anything deemed groovy, this band is the real deal. If you’re feeling stressed, what better way to relax than with some of their funk therapy?

"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” goes the old addage.Yet for artists who take their art seriously, pushing the boundaries is vital.Creativity, growth and innovation are surely the tenets for any band. Their fans know this and accept that more compelling artists will be (or at least try to be) open to these changes, understanding the artist’s need to keep a forward projection.Physche soul funk is the order of the day with the riveting 'Preaching To The Choir' which is also the current single from this enterprising and entertaining outfit.It's a bustling slow-burner that builds over it's seesaw two chord groove which doubles up in the bridge to glorious effect.They are quirky as hell but that's what I love about them! Gilt edged grooves and soul ear candy prevails and the K.I.S.S. principle is well and truly adhered to on this horn heavy funk nugget. Following on 'Superstrada' a b-boy cut is slice of pure blessedness and hip hop dancers will find many a gem like this in here to spin too.It's all here, such as the explosive, motoric groove of 'Golden Shadow' with its crazy ocarina lick and 70's snyths lines.Proper!

Other highlights include, 'Macumba' with its minor to major move offering variety which keeps them from ever sounding samey, a trick a lot of funk bands could learn from! The golden girl of funk, Gizelle Smith, gets in on the action too, having had some previous with the band.She delivers some earthy funk, Betty Davis style, in the shape of the tasty 'Take On The World'.Good to see her back with her old cohorts.

Their soul roots are well represented too with a couple 6/8 beauties 'Where Do We Go From Here' featuring the leonine Lee Fields (Charles Bradley's soul bro No1 R.I.P.C.B.) still going strong and sounding as good as ever. And its sister track 'Today' which goes hand in hand with Lee's tune resoundingly.

This is an exceptionally strong album full of twists and turns even young kids get in on the action Soul Finger' style with the mid paced 'Here We Go'.This band no gow to branch out whilst maintaining all of the sonic elements that have made them so entertaining and frankly adored! Suffice to say this album is a stone solid, double delight!
Words Emrys Baird

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