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Ryuichi Sakamoto : Thousand Knives Of

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UK release date 08.11.2019

Ryuichi Sakamoto eponymous debut solo album from 1978 gets a glorious reissue and it most certainly stands the test of time.These innovative and synth soaked tracks sound fantastic on vinyl too remastered from the original tapes by engineer Seigen Ono.

Opening track 'A Thousand Knives' draws you in with solo vocoder giving way to some plinky plonk, bleep bloop sounds that are curiously addictive and the be wonderment continues with the film like ambiance of the much grander and cathedral like sound of 'Island Of Woods' complete with jungle like sounds and birds of paradise tweeting merrily!

Follow on track 'Grasshoppers sees Sakamoto change tack and display his neo classical chops on piano emboldened with string synths and 'Plastic Bamboo' displays his pop sensibilities to a tee.This album documents the two worlds of both his solo career and his involvement with the Yellow Magic Orchestra and it seems to tug at the threshold of a whole new universe of music he'd barely begun to explore. 

The electronic prince takes his nascent brand of synth-dabbling from the east and lays its out straight into the here and now showing a fascinating insight of where modern electronica began.Although he acknowledges Kraftwerk with the bedazzling 'Das Neue Japanische Elektronische Volkslied' he also outshines them in so many areas,making YMO and himself both huge and ultimately major players in the genre's history.Basically,Thousand Knives Of' is a veritable and timeless masterpiece.Go grab yourselves a part of electronica's magical history.
Words Emrys Baird

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