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The Terri Green Project: What A Feeling (Euro Musik)

The Terri Green Project: What A Feeling



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UK release date 06.09.2019

Now here's an artist who's reputation goes before her and so it should. Singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, Terri B! aka Terri Bjerre has had hits across the world, lending her vocals to over 400 singles - mainly house music, which is why some not be familiar with her name - and she has been remixed over 1,000 times! Previously, she has written and recorded with the best and her features CV reads like a who's who of dance - just to give you some idea of her sales, her single "Blind Heart" has been streamed over 40 million times on its own!

Recently, her A.K.A. moniker has been changed yet again, teaming up with multi-instrumentalist Toddi Reed to form The Terri Green Project, and what a project new album "What A Feeling" is! The name is not the only change, her genre has had an overhaul too! Gone are those 16 bar house intros and in their place, fresh sun-soaked soul with more bounce than Tigger's tail! Add a perfect fit, first-class vocal to the mix and I think you know already where this review is going…

And so to the album: Firstly I have to mention the authentic nature of this album, which is largely down to its high production values. There's plenty here for soul lovers and connoisseurs of the genre with firm nods to plenty of soul royals, including Chic on "Night To Remember". Barry White's expansive sounding Love Unlimited Orchestra on the album titled track "What A feeling", "Never Gonna Let", "Giving It Up" and "Give Me One More Chance". Earth, Wind & Fire (who are also mentioned on) "Dance Tonight". It's plain to see the EW&F mention was on purpose because this album pays tribute, rather than can be accused of ripping these song styles off.

My only gripe, and it's a small one, is that the Burt Bacharach and Hal David tune "The Look Of Love" is good but the original was so perfectly crafted by Dusty Springfield, trying to get anywhere near it sonically is a hard enough job as it is (nigh-on-impossible in some people's books) without adding it on the album twice - maybe, it should have been limited to one version and/or replaced with something else. I mean, we are talking about a vocalist who could sing the names out of a telephone directory and still make it sound like a hit record so there's no need, in my humble opinion, for track repetition on the album.

Without doubt, there are plenty of standout moments on "What A Feeling", especially when Bjerre's trademark deep contralto gives the tracks extra dimension - it's also great to see a vocalist revelling in her newfound soul diva status. It's an album you can keep going back to and the good news is, it gets better with every play! Those tracks already mentioned shine bright, along with fellow uplifting monsters "Fight No More", "Stairway To Nowhere", "Yes Or No" and "Should Have Seen You Coming" all combine to create one of this year's soul must-haves. I didn't have a favourite track on this album because I absolutely loved them all! The Terri Green Project, remember that name… and don't you dare change it, Terri! Lol

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