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Aaron & The Argonauts :Live And Direct

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UK release date 01.05.2019

Sometimes, a special gig is graced by the coming together of outstanding players in an empathetic venue—the music and the ambiance forming an ethereal tapestry for a memorable evening that melds effortlessly with the music.This synergy has most definately come together on this fascinating project.

When both audience and band share the moment, the electricity is apparent.Liddard,an immensely talented saxophonist who has played with the likes of Prince,Beverley Knight,Jon Cleary and Sugaray Rayford to name but a few, clearly comes up trumps with this sterling offering.The unforced skill of his solos are a resounding success with his hauntingly beautiful numbers.The energy and pacing of the live performance is bang on too.They perform complicated and intricate compositions that cross widened boundaries such as,Latin Jazz, Neo Soul,Broken Beat and Drum & Bass thus making them difficult to pigeon-hole.

Personal highlights are 'One Million Children' juicy Neo R&B that breaks into a drum and bass groove that goes afrocentric for the nicely measured guitar solo before returning to the downtempo side stick backbeat.I'ts adorned with some beautiful tenor sax leading the song out over it's catchy chorus.Or how about 'Together For Ever' ?It starts with a breathy, sumptuous sax breaking into a beautiful bossa nova style groove bolstered by a subtle nylon string guitar part and smokey female vocals.This is enticing stuff.This is a tight and cohesive effort with exceptional ensemble playing 'Mañana' too, is another slice of latin lushness with some special interplay between flute,guitar and percussion and the delightful vocal instructions to the band are totally endearing adding to the spontaneity and freshness of the piece,joyous stuff indeed.

The Pastorius inspired '27 bars' is another highlight.It's a very funky instrumental which certainly cuts the mustard with some blustery sax again reigning supreme.As does Apples & Pears'.A Neo Soul groove complete with a towering tenor solo courtesy of the very stylish Harry Greene that eventually gives way to a fast broken beat highlighting the lightening quick reactions of drummer,John Blackburn.
This is a cohesive outfit that predominate at quiet and understated excellence and Liddard's unswerving devotion, to his specific craft,pays off
Words Emrys Baird

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