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Bar-Kays : Definitive Collection

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UK release date 16.03.2019

This compilation is a shining a light to the extraordinary musicians shaping their craft across its many forms. These virtuosos have taken their talents to the heights few of few artists reach, channelling their m├ętier as the ultimate form of expression.The group had early success with the classic 'Soulfinger' released on Stax and due to this they became none other than Otis Redding's backing band.They also backed many major Stax artists on recordings,one of the finest being Isaac Hayes on his seminal album'Hot Buttered Soul.'Son Of Shaft' was one of their r&b staples who can forget them performing in the film 'Stax Watts' and also their funky attire!With a brief flirtation in blaxploitation grooves the band quickly hit their stride with heavy funk.Cd1 pays testament to this with at least a dozen hot cuts that include 'Shake Your Rump' and 'Shut The Funk Up'.Personally their material rivalsThe Commodores at their funky best- it's that good!

The group peaked as funk band from late 70s to late 80s. They're all featured here, such as "Move Your Boogie Body" (1979), "Hit and Run" (1981), "Freak Show on the Dance Floor" (1984) and "Struck by You" (1989). When you get to know a particular band (you will with this sterling platter),you start to learn what you can expect from them i.e. tough grooves,with intricate and piercing horns proving there's no substitute for a fine line up and a heavy beat.The Bar-Kays epitomise - essential listening for the funk connoisseur!
Words Emrys Baird

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