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Zapp: The New Zapp IV U + Vibe (Cherry Red)

Zapp: The New Zapp IV U (double album)



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UK release date 13.01.2019

Robinsongs release their second bout of Zapp funk, this time in the shape of a new sterling release, which combines two albums, “The New Zapp IV U” ('85) and "Vibe" ('89).

Totalling 28 tracks and featuring the singles "It Doesn’t Really Matter", "Itchin' For Your Twitchin’’ and Top 10 R&B hit "Computer Love" (made even more famous by Tupac's "California Love") If you like that classic 80's style production this fantastic collection is a must.

The band are still performing today...I saw them recently at their London show and they were on fire! Talking of fire, check out their version of the Ohio Players staple "Fire". Simply, it's a funk bomb waiting to go off!

CD2 concentrates on the 1989 album "Vibe", with highlights being "I Play The Talk Box" - one of Roger Troutman's last great songs (before tragedy struck) and the band's aforementioned, inventive version of the Ohio Players classic "Fire", which is a sheer delight.

The bonus tracks are gems too. A 12-inch version of "Computer Love" sounds as fresh as it did back in the day. And it's great to see the forward thinking that's currently surrounding one of the US's longest running bands as the fan the flames of funk!

When the funk history books are written, Zapp should be featured in chapter one. They are and have always been, essential listening for any funk lover or music appreciator.
Words Emrys Baird

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