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Swing Out Sister: Almost Persuaded (MISO)

Swing out Sister: Almost Persuaded (Miso)



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UK release date 22.06.2018

There’s one thing you can’t accuse Swing Out Sister of and that’s rushing things… It’s been 10 years since their last studio album graced the charts and new album “Almost Persuaded”, which has taken 3 years to record, herald’s a triumphant return to form for the jazz/sophisti-pop outfit.

Lead singer Corinne Drewery, who still sports one of the most famous barnets in the business, sounds as smoothed out/laid back and jazz fresh as she did when the band’s breakout single errr, “Breakout” claimed the No.4 spot on the UK charts back in ’86. Their accompanying album “It’s Better To Travel” which was released in the same year, climbed 3 places higher, claiming top spot while at the same time making the band a household name - it was also no great surprise, this album would also go on to be one of THE album’s of that year, as was the single.

So what of the new material I hear you ask… Well, I suppose you could say, there’s a kind of film noir type ambience all over this album, opener “Don’t Give The Game Away” could have come straight from a James Bond movie. Dreamlike album namesake, “Almost Persuaded”, oozes class from first to last note. “Happier Than The Sunshine” does what it says on the label, transporting the listener to idyllic times while it’s infectious nature grows with every listen. Drewery’s deft vocal, along with tight accompaniment and quality production illuminate “Which Wrong Is Right”, “Everybody’s Here”, “Something Deep In Your Heart” and “Be My Valentine” - which incidentally, talking of films, sounds like it should have been included on the last Bridget Jones soundtrack.

Special mentions for “Until Tomorrow”, which typifies this release as it ebbs and flows with laid-back jazz excellence and is underpinned throughout with Drewery’s soul-warming vocal. Personal fave and one of the most radio-friendly on the album is “I Wish I knew”, which rolls back the years and brings on the summer - a well-crafted tune which builds to a satisfying conclusion, this is Swing Out Sister hitting the sweet spot and at their majestic best. My only gripe, a few of the tracks I would like to hear more from the vocalist and less instrumentation as Drewery seems to be faded down and almost echoes in the background - less we forget, this frontwomen has one of the most recognisable voices in her genre, so let’s hear more of it!

Bravo Swing Out Sister, a great comeback indeed but please don’t leave it so long next time!


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