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John Luongo Disco Mixes: Can You Feel The Force?

John Luongo



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UK release date 27.10.2017

Classic disco heaven opens its pearly gates once again in the guise of Groove Line Records "Can You Feel The Force?" - The John Luongo Disco Mixes. An absolute peach of a platter from a master who has filled it with stomping percussion breaks and deep discofied lushness. Louongo's tenets are strictly adhered too as well: centred around the fact that he loved great vocals and wonderfully powerful and well separated mixes. Just listen to these incredible mixes you will always hear every line of the vocalist at all times. He prided himself with being the mixer whose mixes always let the vocalist be heard.

The Jacksons “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground),”being a case in point and this treasure of the seventies classic has never sounded better - Louongo literally commands you to the dance floor and it won't cross anybody's mind to disobey, is mind boggling feel good riveting stuff and at 8 mins: 38 secs sheer nirvana!

Patti Labelle “Music Is My Way Of Life”, is another barnstormer too lesser known but equally vital. As Plato said "when the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake". (He must have been a Jacksons fan!)

The beat goes on with the U.K. Pitting against the U.SA. British disco pioneers steal the show with a mighty remix of "Can You Feel The Force" - oh those golden years will all come flooding back with this type of dancefloor dynamite!

Cd 2 kicks off with funk groovers Sly & The Family Stone's "Dance To The Music" given the four to the floor treatment and the punchy mesmeric "Just A Feeling" by Stanley Clarke replete with talk box and funky guitar is just the ticket for the oncoming winter blues and the moody 'One Chain (Don't Make No Prison) by Santana fits right in with proceedings hell, this compilation is full of great bass lines too! The slap happy bass of "Zulu" by the Quick glides like quicksilver on a slippery surface and the glide continues with Cerrone's "Back Track" especially in the guitar department funky licks and outbursts out do Santana. This compilation is undoubtedly some exultant discovery and part of disco history the discerning dance devotees are sure going to love this!
Words Emrys Baird

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