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Virtue Recording Studios Compilation : Tramp Records

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UK release date 05.05.2017

Tramp Records, a small german label set up by Tobias Kirmayer
in 2003 comes up trumps again and goes that bit deeper than
most dedicated to unearthing rare and raw Funk, Soul Jazz, Disco and Afro Beat nuggets for our delectation saving many a cratediggers back! This sterling platter centres around Virtue Recording Studios who had the bright idea back in the 60's and 70's of offering bands package deals that included recording and A and B side and a pressing of 500 45s all for the princely sum of $500. And thank god the studio owner,Frank Virtue did.He had the temerity to focus on the scene mostly releasing local funk groups and other artists that usually stayed in their local home bases, only playing nearby clubs and other venues and releasing their music on Virtue's small label or regional record labels.

This is a priceless source of deep funk,nascent disco and rare soul to keep the aficionados happy and crafted with heartfelt dedication to the music.Yes the sweet the deep and dirty is all represented on this sterling platter. Delight in the wonderful soulful singer Gene Faith,who has six cuts on offer featuring the bluesy,blustery "My Baby's Missing', an absolute gem!

Bob Marshall & the A/Cs - Big Ladies Man and 'Funky Fox' pop up too with some grits and greasy grooves that prove to be irresistable as does the spooky sounding 'Ghost A Go Go' by Richard Rome and R.D.M.Band's,locktight 'Butter That Popcorn' cuts the mustard with it's classic JB backbeat as does Virtues' mad sitar synth sounding groover 'Meditation Of The Soul' plenty of variety here.The last thirdof the cd goes over to deep disco -the gutsy Ann Byers 'This Man Is Rated X' exemplifies this to a tee and Past Due's studio 54 like interpretation of Sly & The Family Stone's 'Hot Fun In The Summertime' is the crème de la crème.

What more can I say about this peach of a compilation? Oh yes! Go buy it,essential listening for not just the cognoscenti but for the everyday Joe and Joanna looking for some juicy retro yet timeless blessedness!
Words Emrys Baird

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