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Marvin Parks : Marvin Parks

Marvin Parks



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UK release date 27.04.2017

What is it about Paris and buskers? They seemed to be inextricably linked with romance, the joys of spring and some sort of magical theatre.Benjamin Clementine learnt his trade on the metro as did Madeleine Peyroux who honed her smoky voice as a misspent youth on the parisienne subways. However,the next rising star ladies and gentlemen, is this guy Marvin Parks, whose already known as the best jazz singer in town and remarkably you'll still see him plying his trade under the streets.
This is to say the least, a good debut mixing the american songbook (fresh interpretations) with originals all bound together with Marvin's top class crooning whose clear enunciation and musicality is a sheer joy to listen too-he was born to sing jazz! Nat King Cole,Mel Torme Bobby Darin,Jonny Hartman (Coltrane's fave) Lou Rawls there's a nod to all of them but it's still a refreshing and sonorous, sound MP creates.The ensemble playing is top notch too, adorned by the cream of Italy's jazz scene a stellar line-up including Daniele Tittarelli (alto saxophone), Francesco Lento (trumpet), Pietro Lussu (piano), Luca Alemanno (double bass), Nicola Angelucci (drums), Pierpaolo Bisogno (percussion) and, of course, the instigator of all of this, Nicola Conte (guitar).There are many delights here. A great version of 'Nature Boy' and 'Brother Where Are You' which is outstanding.France has a new jazz emperor and his name is Marvin Parks and he's no pretender either.
Words Emrys Baird

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