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Aisling Iris: Night Time Moves

Aisling Iris



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UK release date 13.04.2017

Refreshing neo -soul songstress delivers an eclectic and well polished debut platter.The first half gives us endearingly bold material filled with lush arrangements-peppered with retro 80's styled tough beats and funky upbeat jams with crazy chord sequences that Aisling navigates vocally with great poise,great bvs, and immense musical skill. The second half sees her chill a bit and is undeniably more dazzling as her sense of craft comes out even further.

The material is strong and well honed bolstered by a fantastic all over production.The emotionally candid 'Show Me The Way' with its exquisitely tinkly piano, strikes a balance between sexy and soothing,topped with a choice and cutting trumpet solo breaking up the freneticism of other earlier cuts. The fun tracks are the ones that shimmer brightly such as the propulsive, twisting and dazed moments of 'L.O.V.E.' and 'My Mission' being cases in point.Love is a central theme but then so is 'wild cookie' fever on the jaunty 'Night Time Moves' and the sensual sliver of 'I'm In The Mood' with its classic satin sheet veneer which presses the jiggyometer well into the red!

Conversely the Bjorkish 'Nothing's Forever' is a stripped down piece of cinematic blessedness that allows this talented irish singer to flourish and fully show us her wares which to be fair this promising debut does achieve.It's clever stuff but beware not everbody likes a smart Alec but her sheer musicality shines through. Go see for yourself she regularly performs throughout London hosting her own gigs and jams.
Words Emrys Baird

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