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Cool Million: Sumthin' Like This (Sedsoul)

Cool Million



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UK release date 08.05.2015

Over several years, European boogiemeisters Cool Million have delivered consistently remarkable disco tinged gems for the dancefloor, featuring cream-of-the-crop vocalists extolling the duo's melodic output to great effect.

The German-Danish production team's remit is simple - to remind listeners around the world that even in a marketplace saturated by artificially grown hits, it’s still possible to create authentic and meaningful recordings which make bodies move. There is no artifice here, no thoughts of making a quick buck (which might seem ironic given their name!)

Cool Million have become a solid rock in today's tumultuous barren musical desert. These guys KNOW about SOUL music. They are not following trends, jumping on bandwagons or even trying to create a trend. COOL MILLION are simply creating real music with real feeling and doing so with all the knowledge, love and respect for what we can affectionately call 'the groove.'

Any album which contains this amount of groovin', deserves to be purchased believe me - it's wonderful stuff! The Jam & Lewis inspired duo add an 80's type essential ingredient to any good soulful disco-dance collection. The fact that this set contains monster sounding hits, makes this a no brainer. I listened to this on a hot afternoon with a beer in my back garden...what a wonderful compilation. From title track, "Sumthin' Like This" with Tom Owens", through to the soulful yearnings of "Tonight" featuring Glenn Jones. The intensity doesn't let up either, with plenty of bone deep drums, the funkiest of basslines and that classic disco guitar scratch which, have no doubt, will keep you enthralled well after the music's stopped playing.

Michael Jeffries, Marc Sadane, Gavin Christopher and Atlantic Starr's Porter Carroll, plus plenty of others, all chip in their four pennyworth and guarantee quality throughout. This peach of a selection is a winner! Anyone who loves 80's grooves will lap this now, and don't miss out on this scintillating release - enjoy people!
Words Emrys Baird

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