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Reel People - The Remixes (Reel People Music)

Reel People - The Remixes (Reel People Music)



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UK release date 22.09.2014

What can I say about Reel People? I have loved their music for a long time, and I am probably one of Tony Momrelle’s biggest fansâ€Â¦YES more than you dear reader. This album is like a glorious summer season rolled into one, and given as a present with a bow on top.

If you have like any of Reel People’s previous remixes or work then you will love this album. It’s chocked so full of hits, that I feel almost like they should charge double for the album. Here’s a tip, don’t get the CD sampler which has 12 tracks, instead go for the full digital double album.

The first track is a non-stop mix of songs that goes on for over an hour; guaranteed to create the right mood at a soiree; that alone is worth the price of the album. Then as an added bonus there is then the full version of every song that was on the non-stop mix, so you can really sit back and enjoy their craftsmanship. With over 20 tracks it’s hard to even begin to tell you what you will experience.

For people who aren’t fans of dance music I can easily see how the album can be dismissed as “samey”, but for true music fans I assure you this is a musical experience for the ears. In essence this is a collection of all the remixes they have done for other artists, and full/extended versions of their own tracks. The live instrumentations, the overdubs, the change in grooves, or the slight enhancing of the original track are pure dynamite.

My favourite track was Jazztronik’s “Deltro Mi Alma”, if that doesn’t have you running to the dance floor then don’t worry there will be something else on this album that will. It’s a sun drenched tune, full of wild abandon, but classy enough for all A-list clubs we’ve wanted to get into.

Other standout tracks are Randy Crawford and the late Joe Sample’s “Respect Yourself”, Incognito’s “Freedom To Love”, Tony Momrelle’s “Fly”, and Muzart’s “The Party After”. It’s a real treat when remix artists are able to put their work in one place so you can hear their artistry, and Reel People show how a decent package can be put together. Ricardito recommended.
Words Richard 'Ricardito' Ashie

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