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Portia Monique (Reel People Music)

Portia Monique (Reel People Music)



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UK release date 27.10.2014

This is one of those albums I feel I have been waiting for for a very long time. You will have heard Portiaâs name or heard her vocal talents alongside The Layabouts on their tracks âDo Betterâ, âColours of Loveâ or âBring Me Joyâ. Now finally, Portiaâs own full length album and Iâm pleased to announce that it doesnât disappoint.

The Seattle native hasnât gone down the traditional R&B route, or followed the likes of Rhianna into EDM or Ciara in that ATL bass sound. If anything Portia sound is much lighter and freer, and I feel more European influences. If you like music from artists like Reel People, The Layabouts, Live Tropical Fish, Brand New Heavies then you will enjoy this album. Lots of live instrumentation, sit alongside Portiaâs soul filled voice.

Now I hear Portia is 6â1â glamazon; if she looks as good as she sounds then she is fierce mamma jamma! There is a jazziness to Portiaâs vocal runs, which make the whole album very enjoyable. I found no filler tracks on this album, itâs pretty much all solid stuff. My favourite tracks include the opener âCloud IXâ, âGraceâ, and âWhoâ. With only 9 tracks, I have seen EPâs with more tracks than this, but in the art of leaving a person wanting more Portia does that very well. Ricardito recommended.
Words Richard 'Ricardito' Ashie

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