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Myles Sanko: Forever Dreaming (Légère Records)

Myles Sanko: Forever Dreaming (Légère Records)



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UK release date 12.09.2014

Hot on the heels of his 2013 debut EP "Born In Black & White" comes UK soul's new tour de force, Myles Sanko. With deft mix of soul searching vocal and an authentic amalgamation of tight drums, base driven rhythm and at times horn led Motown-esque production, you can't help falling for the charms on offer on this album.

It's a very competent, soul-exceptional artist, who steps up to tee this long player off with the bold, horn infused toe tapping / finger snapping album namesake, "Forever Dreaming" - this obvious statement of musical intent from the very first note reassures the listener that the touch-paper has been well and truly lit on this long player.

"Light In My Hand" drops tempo momentarily as this cord strumming, sumptuous summer sizzler makes you want to kick back, relax and dream of far off exotic destinations - Sanko shows just the right amount of light and dark as he leads this track from the at times obvious melody to angst central - toot-toot, all aboard! lol.

We lift the mood by a couple of notches with "Shooting Star"…it's at this point the rawness of the artist's voice becomes prevalent, as Sanko hits both ends of the vocal scale while purposely missing the odd semi-note as he demonstrates his vocal dexterity - it kind of reminds me of, of all people, Bobby Darren! lol. Yeah I know!??! It's that steadfast delivery again, a vocal which is prepared to take risks, here Sanko shows he is a rare commodity in todays market with this live sounding track.

"My Inspiration" has a 70's lounge appeal, with lazy keys and coool percussion, almost Heatwave like at times, but is sharpened with the artist's need to convey his story…and as I reach the album's halfway point and "So Much Indeed" (my fave) starts to impress, it dawns on me that Sanko's voice is in need of an ingredient… a film score! Absolutely perfect fodder for a romantic classic! As is "To My Surprise", which is obviously written straight from the heart, if you've been in love, you'll get this tune - if you haven't, think of it as home work!

"Save My Soul" stomps triumphantly and defiantly in a different direction, production wise there's a Dapp-Tone vibe being stoked in this nod to cool swinging souls shaker of yesteryear…Sanko invokes more than a tinge of Vintage Trouble's Ty Taylor verve / swagger, while being shaken', not stirred, with an almost gritty Otis like turn of pace.

The rev counter keeps purring away as the Redding factor continues with the zippy "Take A Look At Me Now". This hammond lead, snare drum set to max, homage to Stax production is once again delivered with a raw, one take live feel, almost understated performance. This in turn frames the last offering "Where We Need To Be" perfectly, a soul-searching, sometimes John Legend punching, vocal showcase eases you out of the album with pure satisfaction…there is a sweeeet instrumental reprise of the elegant "To My Surprise" to add a very impressive cherry to this delicious musical layer cake, as albums go, VERY tasty indeed.

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